Sleep No More

This past weekend, I went to New York to see a play, Sleep No More. (Now I’m one of those people.)  But this interactive, multi-story, designed-the-hilt installation went way beyond your average flipper-seat yawner. The audience is encouraged to touch things, open drawers, and examine papers and props around the fictional McKittrick Hotel, which serves as the set for this Macbeth-ish play. There are also many elements of Hitchcock’s Rebecca, including a very convincing Mrs. Danvers-type character. (Creepers.) The audience wears masks to create a sense of anonymity, and no talking is allowed. You can follow around whichever characters you choose and take in snatches of the story as you wander through the rooms and landscapes of Sleep No More‘s secret world. Surprises, both welcome and unsettling, await…

I was happy to discover that two members of the cast are CalArts dance alums, Nicholas Bruder and Jordan Morley. Nicholas played Macbeth on the night that I attended. He was incredible! I couldn’t take pictures, but the New York Times has several slideshows.

Don’t you want to be one of those people now?

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