Fantasy Apartment Trifecta

If you looked at my browser history for the past week, you’ll see that I am locked into a deep, powerful game of Fantasy Apartment.

Beware. If you click repeatedly between these three sites, you may never make it out of your pajamas this morning. I share with you now the Fantasy Apartment Trifecta (FAT).

Small Cool Contest on Apartment Therapy :: Is your house Teeny Tiny? Tiny? Or just Little? Enter this contest so I can drool over your masterful floor plan and tasteful pops of color, all in a space less than 1000 sq. feet.

Design Seeds by Jessica Colaluca :: Ever want to match the tones of your bedroom to those of molting love birds? Or an ice cream sundae? Now you CAAAAAAN.

Padmapper :: Google Maps meets Craigslist Apartments for Rent. Visualize your new neighborhood while you search for that perfect 1 bedroom with a bonus room. Or 2 bedroom if it’s cheap.

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