Moving to Canada! I need a job.

This fall, my husband will become the Assistant Professor for Ecological Design for Performance at York University in Toronto. Yay, Ian! We are moving to Canada in August. Yay, Canada!

This move provides some interesting complications for me…for both of us, really. First of all, I hate moving. Secondly, who is going to pay me and when? Just regular, non-panic-inducing stuff like that.

Tonight, I had a rude awakening about the Canadian tax rate. I’m used to putting in about 25 to 28% taxes in our budget here. Ian had mentioned something about 37% taxes in Toronto previously, but, as you’ll learn, I have a huge capacity for denial, and I didn’t process that would mean for our take home until I worked on my budget tonight. After a private, 7-minute existential crisis where I realized I how much I should earn in Toronto, I flopped down on the bed next to Ian and said, “The Canadian tax rate is killing my dreams.”

I wasn’t nearly as articulate as that, though, while Ian tried to coax out the root cause of my torpor. I shared my budget with him on Dropbox, and he went through anger, bargaining, etc., until he agreed with my assessment.

I have no problem working hard. I write every day and have had a job in higher education for years. It’s the getting paid for said creative and intellectual work which his sometimes problematic when you work in the World of Ideas.* John August (screenwriter of Big Fish, Go, and a million other things) has a great blog and specifically a great blog post about making money as a screenwriter.

Ian was going through his own crisis about trying to find a suitable place to live. It seems like a lot of apartments are on the third floor and have slanty ceilings or are in the basement and have low ceilings and no windows. Does not compute. This remains unresolved. More on this another day.

Anyway, we talked about the me-job-having situation, and, yes, I am one of those strange, weirdo people who need a job, and I’ll be looking for one over the next few months.

* This is actually at Epcot, right?

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