One, Twice, Ten Times More Tacos

Not enough.

My friend and boss Jackie keeps me in good supply with business and productivity-oriented audiobooks that I listen to on my way to CalArts. (What a sneaky way to keep me motivated, right?) Today, I listened to about half of the audio supplement to Success Magazine from May 2012 that she gave me about a month ago, so, you know, now I’m a total expert on success. (I had no idea that there was such a thing as Success Magazine.)

The CD featured the concept of being a “franchise player,” and how we are all our own franchise players, and we need to spend money and time on keeping ourselves awesome! Sounds good, right? Spending money on yourself? Done and done.

The next bit was an interview with Dan Sullivan, co-founder of Strategic Coach. Listening to, um, half of this CD was like peeking into a world that I only cursorily knew existed. Did you know that us 9 to 5-ers are marathon runners? And that high-paid entertainers have a different, sprinting-like relationship to time? I didn’t.

Sullivan’s big thing is setting a “10 times goal.” Don’t just set a regular, old goal. What would life be like and what would you do if your goal was ten times as big as your initial goal? (I think that this is meant to be for your career, not just for, like lunch. Ten times more carne asada tacos!)

I’m going to be transitioning from full-time day jobbing to freelance work in August. My initial goal BHSCDM12* was to replace my full-time salary with freelance, which seems ridiculous but a nice, tidy goal. He said that doubling your goal is even dangerous because entrepreneurs plateau. But what if I was going to work towards for TEN TIMES my current salary? What would I be doing? How many carne asada tacos could I buy? Would they bring me closer to being a franchise player?

I should probably listen to the other half of the CD, but it will be fun to dream about what I might do differently over the next few tacos, I mean, months.

* Before Half of Success CD, May 2012

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