Sleep No More

This past weekend, I went to New York to see a play, Sleep No More. (Now I’m one of those people.)  But this interactive, multi-story, designed-the-hilt installation went way beyond your average flipper-seat yawner. The audience is encouraged to touch things, open drawers, and examine papers and props around the fictional McKittrick Hotel, which serves as… Continue reading Sleep No More

Crocheting is my Angry Birds

Crocheting relaxes my brain. All I have to do is “yarn over, pull through” in various combinations, and then at some point, there’s a headband or a scarf in my lap. It’s magical! The video for Seventeen Evergreen’s “Polarity Song” brings together three of my favorite things: crocheting, thrift stores, and secret worlds. Just relax,… Continue reading Crocheting is my Angry Birds