It’s my Canadaversary! I’ve lived in Canada for one year today. Join me in my celebration, which wouldn’t be complete without another important way that Canada Is Different.

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Willpower and the Monthly Plan

Sounds evil, doesn’t it? It’s not evil at all. I listened to Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength (also evil-sounding) a few months ago. Besides a lot of talk about children resisting marshmallows and needing enough glucose to make good decisions, several ideas from the book stuck with me. First off, I adopted the Getting Things… Continue reading Willpower and the Monthly Plan

Moving to Canada! I need a job.

This fall, my husband will become the Assistant Professor for Ecological Design for Performance at York University in Toronto. Yay, Ian! We are moving to Canada in August. Yay, Canada! This move provides some interesting complications for me…for both of us, really. First of all, I hate moving. Secondly, who is going to pay me… Continue reading Moving to Canada! I need a job.