Justine Garrett is a writer, director, and producer working in film, TV, and XR. She is passionate about blending new technology and cinematic storytelling to create moving, immersive shows and experiences.

Directing Captain Me, which was shot remotely in 2020 – 2021.

Most recently, she directed and produced the Captain Me interactive series for children, premiering in 2021. While living in the UK, she wrote, directed, and produced episodes of Antenna TV for the Antenna science news gallery at the Science Museum in London, sharing big science ideas with museum visitors in a fun, interactive way.

Currently, Justine is a producer for Toasterlab, which creates place-based XR experiences. With Toasterlab, she co-wrote Transmission, an augmented reality sci-fi show at FuturePlay (Edinburgh) and the Future of Storytelling Festival (NYC) about first contact. She produced the community-led Virtual Parkway Forest Park project, where she taught 360 VR camera and immersive storytelling, and she produced the geolocated web app for STEPS Public Art’s From Weeds We Grow.

Justine has worked on several award-winning documentaries and including No Greater Love (National Emmy Award, Cindy Award) and A Science of Miracles: The History of Organ Transplantation (Nominee, National Emmy Award). She’s currently producing the Groundworks documentary about California Native artists and the relationship between their practices, language, and place.


Justine has written for Lily Tomlin and published humorous essays in the Los Angeles Times and on The Hairpin. She has taught writing at CalArts and has led workshops on writing, performance, and mixed reality production at York University, the Prague Quadrennial, and the Indy Convergence. She has developed academic programs in art and technology for CalArts and York University, and she was formerly the Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs at CalArts.

2019 Prague Quadrennial Workshop

Justine has a BA in psychology from UCLA and an MFA in Writing from CalArts. She is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory in Toronto. Originally from Los Angeles, she lives in Toronto with her partner in life and in Toasterlab, Ian Garrett, and her kids Henrietta and Miles (pictured below in a much tinier form).